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January 17, 2017

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Are Channel Letters Right For Your Business?

November 15, 2017

Channel lettering has had some innovations over the years such as switching
from neon lite channel lettering to the new LED lite lettering. Recently
there has been vast improvements in the capabilities of channel lettering
color illumination. Most consumers don’t actually realize that channel
lettering most commonly see on business store fronts can actually change
colors during daytime and nighttime hours. This gives consumers more
options of color changes during day and night. Lets go over some of the
new leading technologies that allow channel lettering to change color.

Light Management Film - This specially designed film has been perforated
to allow for day and night color change. This application is as easy as
applying the film to the exterior of any channel lettering. The perforated
film is typically not noticeable from viewing distance which is a big plus.
There are a variety of colors to choose from allowing for many color

LED color choice - LEDs come in a spectrum of color choices and give the
sign designer and consumer options for changing illuminated signs. One
way of changing the color of a sign from day to night would be having a
white acrylic channel lettering and blue LEDs. During the day the sign
would appear white but at night the blue LEDs would illuminate the white
channel letters blue.

Diffuser Film—Diffuser film is the second potential day/night sign component.
Diuser film is designed to control brightness and distribute illumination
evenly. Diuser film is not always used in a day/night letter sign—it
depends on the letter configuration.

Acrylic Colors and Films—Letter face color is not always determined by
the acrylic color—there are other methods to produce a channel letter
day/night face color combination.

One potential face color layout is to simply match the acrylic color to the
LED color as closely as possible, and then place perforated vinyl (light
management film) on the face exterior.


Click the picture and check out some of the channel letter styles we're able to provide for your business! 


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