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Withers Elementary Logo, Wall, & Background

Withers Elementary school is located in Dallas, Texas. Withers was lacking a proper sign to show off their school spirit. They were also missing signage that represented the school, students, and faculty. Dallas Digital Signs and Graphics were acquired by a local contractor to work as a team on the project. Dallas Digital worked collaboratively with the existing architectural designs made by the architect. Whether its original or existing architectural drawings, Dallas Digital can get the job done! A great feature that Wither Elementary wanted us to manufacture and install was the wall of inspiration. The wall consisted of multicolored and sized acrylic dimensional lettering throughout. Each word was carefully placed to balance with the surrounding words of inspiration. Each word was attached to a beautiful slotted wood background wall with (VHB) double sided tape. The wall was illuminated with LED lights to show case the acrylic lettering. Dallas Digital also installed a full color vinyl wall graphic print to their featured wall space. The print consisted of their school name and logo. Withers Elementary had no artwork of their school logo so one of our designers created their logo for them. This was very helpful and they were thankful they didn’t have to outsource the design work. ​ Lastly, Dallas Digital installed a wall of brushed aluminum plaques for the acknowledgment of personal or organizational achievement, graduation, awards and service. First, a custom color painted backer wall panel was installed. Next, 22 handmade brushed aluminum plaques for various sizes were installed and placed precisely.

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