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Aircraft Graphics for Houston Texans Corporate Jet

Dallas Digital Signs and Graphics was contacted to provide custom-made multilayered paint masks for the Houston Texan's corporate jet. For this project, we teamed up with Greenpoint Aerospace in Denton, TX. We first designed and computer cut the paint masks in our facility, and then installed the masks onsite in Greenpoint's hangar. We then installed the masks on the tail of the aircraft, replacing the N-Numbers with a very large-scale Houston Texan's logo, and then moved the N-Numbers to the engine nacelles. The logos were displayed on both the right and left side of the aircraft, so they can be seen from multiple angles. After we carefully aligned and installed the masks to the aircraft, paint was applied first to the red portions of the logo. After cure, the red areas were re-masked and the blue portions of the design were painted next. The old fashioned striping scheme was replaced with a modern swooping color design, that really accents the new logo position on the tail. ​As you can see, the new design and logo layout is much more impressive and draws attention wherever the owners, staff, and players of the Houston Texans go!

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